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Bus station in Uzda
Bus station in Uzda
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20 May 2019

Belarus' Minsk Oblast trade with China up 17% in 2018

In 2018, the trade between Belarus’ Minsk Oblast and China increased by 17% from 2017, Minsk Oblast Vice Governor Nikolai Rogashchuk told the media ahead of the meeting with a delegation from China’s Yunfu, Guangdong Province on 17 May, BelTA has learned.

“In 2018, the trade between Minsk Oblast and China went up by 17% (in comparison with 2017) to exceed $1 billion. Minsk Oblast is still posting trade deficit but we are doing our best to reduce it. First of all, China is interested in agricultural products: milk and beef,” he noted.

In Q1 2019 Minsk Oblast’s trade with China exceeded $412 million, up 27% from January-March 2018. Belarus exported its goods worth almost $159 million and imported $254 million worth of Chinese products.

Belarus exports to China chemical potash or mineral fertilizers, meat and poultry byproducts, beef, flax fiber, milk whey, milk and condensed milk, strong drinks and liqueurs, pasta. The imports include parts and equipment for vehicles and tractors, electric telephone and telegraph devices, automatic data processing machinery.