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Bus station in Uzda
Bus station in Uzda
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15 April 2019

Digital banking conference due in Minsk on 26 April

A conference on digital banking will take place in Minsk on 26 April, the organizers told BelTA.

This year’s conference will focus on the renewal of Belarus’ Digital Banking Development Strategy. The document stipulates goals, tasks, and main directions of the development of digital banking in the country and matches long-term tasks of economic development of the country and the banking system.

During the plenary session representatives of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus will share plans regarding further development of the payment space and the transaction space. Thematic events will be dedicated to the development of open applied programming interfaces, distributed registry technologies, payment and transaction space, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, cyber security, and other matters.

The event will be organized by Belarus’ central bank in association with the research and technology association Infopark.